Babywearing International of Tallahassee is a completely volunteer-run organization. BWI of Tallahassee provides two free meetings every month.  BWI of Tallahassee leaders are always answering questions on Facebook and volunteering extra time outside meetings to help the community.

For $30.00 a year, members get access to check our carriers from our extensive lending library.  A membership not only benefits BWI of Tallahassee by sustaining the program, but helps add to the types of carriers in the library.  A membership is also an extremely economical way to experience all the carrier styles available without having to buy every kind. We are working on additional membership benefits like discounts for local businesses and services and members-only events.

If you have a membership benefit idea, please email

To join, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Fill out the membership application below.
Step 2: Submit dues of $30.00 via cash, check, credit, debit, or Paypal
               (Click Donate below to pay by credit, debit or PayPal).


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